Report Observes Vitality in Ecumenical and Interfaith Work at Local Level

October 28, 2004

Source: Anglican Journal

On October 28, 2004 Anglican Journal reported, "Rev. Wendy Fletcher-Marsh, dean of the Vancouver School of Theology, recalls the time her family was heading for the country club reception that followed the bat mitzvah of a Jewish friend of her daughter's. They stopped at a Tim Horton's to ask for directions. 'Oh yes,' the employee advised them, 'your turn is just down the street from the Buddhist temple. Turn left at the mosque and if you hit the Sikh temple you know that you have gone too far'... Those vignettes are from a recent issue of Ecumenism, the journal of the Montreal-based Canadian Centre for Ecumenism, which asked correspondents from across the country to comment on the state of ecumenism. The issue marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of the centre in 1974, in what was a heady era for ecumenism... [C]ontributors... report vitality in ad-hoc local efforts, in relations with and among evangelical churches, in inter-faith relations between Christian churches and other world religions, and in pragmatic responses to an increasingly secular society."