Reno's New Imam Pledges Outreach, Interfaith Engagement

June 17, 2005

Source: Reno Gazette Journal

On June 17, 2005 the Reno Gazette Journal published a statement by Gharib Khalil regarding his role as the Imam of the Northern Nevada Muslim Community. "There are about 2,000 Muslim families living in Northern Nevada. Representing different ethnic backgrounds, they moved to the community in search of an economically better life. They are articulately serving the community on their jobs and in their businesses... In my role, I have prioritized four main goals. First is to teach Muslims about their religion. Second is to inform non-Muslims about Islam... My third goal is to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims through building strong relations with other religious leaders in the community by engaging in inter-faith dialogue and participating in the various religious ceremonies of non-Muslims. And finally, I want to maintain a peaceful environment in the community through dealing with the concept of peace as a basis advocated by all the different religions. Let us talk about commonalities amongst religions and remove any kind of misunderstanding Muslims and non-Muslims might have."

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