"Religious Policy Should Be Changed," a Commentary by The State News

March 15, 2007

Source: The State News


When a student is sick and obtains a doctor's note, professors typically allow the pupil to make up any missed class--sans penalty.

However, religion, which is often ingrained soon after birth, sometimes ranks lower than a temporary illness and has caused conflict between instructors and their students.

ASMSU has created a bill that would revise MSU's current Religious Observance Policy. Professors would be prohibited from penalizing students for observing religious holidays.

"Shoulds" and "mays" would be changed to "wills" and "musts," forbidding professors from working their way around the policy.

The revision makes sense. So much sense, in fact, it's a wonder it didn't come sooner. However, should the amendment pass, students should maintain the maturity to address their professors at the beginning of the semester, bringing their concerns for religious observances falling that term. Professors also should be prepared to work around such dates.