Religious Leaders Unite to Back Auto Industry

December 4, 2008

Author: Gregg Krupa

Source: The Detroit News

A dozen interfaith leaders from across Metro Detroit huddled in a private session today at Sacred Heart Major Seminary to discuss the economic crisis affecting the state and possibilities for cooperation in assisting local residents through some of the most distressed times in decades.

"Respect of the faith is critical in all times and all circumstances, and it is more necessary now than ever," said Cardinal Adam Maida. "We have a great concern for the countless individuals and families who are in great distress because of the economy. It is time to stand in solidarity."

The religious leaders said they would form a lobbing alliance so their denominations around the country would lobby Congress on behalf of the automobile industry.

"These larger national denominations will contact those individuals who are straddling the fence," said Bishop Charles Ellis of the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. "Our constituents in those communities will engage in a campaign to influence those people," he said.

At the invitation of Maida, 12 Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders discussed how their faith communities are responding to the economic turmoil affecting Metro Detroit.