Religious Leaders Tap into MP3 Technology

March 4, 2005

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

On March 4, 2005 The Salt Lake Tribune reported, "Godcasting is the latest advancement in online religion, in which preachers convert their sermons to audio to be heard on portable digital audio devices. Using iPods or any portable MP3 player, 'podcasting' lets people download audio programs that can be listened to whenever they like. It's a form of audio syndication that musicians, businessmen, tech talk show hosts and political commentators like Al Franken have already adopted. There's lots more God on iPod than jazz, theater or movie reviews. Pod preachers, including Christians, Buddhists and Pagans, are among the most prolific users of the new technology. Just as sermons were among the first type of broadcasts when radio caught on in America in the 1920s, podcasting is creating a new form of wireless parson."