Religious Leaders Rally to Support Gay Marriage

March 3, 2004

Source: US Newswire

On March 3, 2004 US Newswire reported, "In an effort to send a message of unity and support for the constitutionally-protected right of same-sex couples to marry, more than 500 religious leaders across the Commonwealth are mobilizing their congregations to 'Pray for Justice' and take action to inform elected officials about the broad support within many religious communities for same sex marriage, and the wide-spread opposition to the passage of any constitutional amendment that would write discrimination in to the Massachusetts State Constitution... This Pray for Justice Weekend, slated to begin at sunset on Friday, March 5th and conclude at sundown on Sunday, March 7th is designed to enable religious leaders to empower their congregants to act on what many feel is sense of urgent obligation to defend the civil rights and equal legal protection of gay and lesbian families. In cities and towns across Massachusetts, Jews, Christians and many other faith communities will participate in a variety of activities urging elected state officials to vote 'no' on an anti-gay amendment."