Religious Leaders Discuss Role of Religion in the Reconstruction of Iraq

April 13, 2003

Source: The Chicago Sun-Times

On April 13, 2003 The Chicago Sun-Times reported that "religious leaders [are debating about] what kind of participation religious groups should have in the rebuilding of Iraqi society... Bishop Mark Hanson, leader of the 5.1-million member Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, hopes the Bush administration will listen to certain American religious leaders who are concerned that humanitarian aid to Iraq is being coordinated by the military... 'President Bush has been a strong proponent that the government should recognize the role of faith-based social ministry organizations in this country. I hope that commitment would translate to a desire to see not just faith-based but nongovernmental organizations internationally being given power and permission to do the work they desire to do... Christian evangelist Tony Campolo cautions that faith-based humanitarian relief must not become state-sanctioned proselytizing."