Religious Leaders Condemn Killing of Buddhist Monks

January 26, 2004

Source: Bangkok Post

On January 26, 2004 the Bangkok Post reported, "Religious organisations in the South have issued a joint statement condemning the cold-blooded killings of a Buddhist monk and a novice in the province, which threatened to trigger secular violence. The statement issued by the Buddhist, Islamic, Christian and Sikh organisations outlined a demand for the authorities to find the killers and mete out punishment against them. The organisations insisted the lawless networks 'spreading the disease that poisoned national harmony and peace' must be stopped at once. Copies of the statements, which were distributed throughout the province, harshly condemned the attackers as 'hideous beings' whose gross misdeeds had trampled on the fundamental religious teaching of non-violence. The killers had blood on their hands. The organisations urged the people of all faiths to unite in their efforts to end the 'force of evil.'"