Religious Centers and Developers Negotiate in Denver Suburb

January 11, 2002

Source: The Denver Post

On January 11, 2002, The Denver Post reported that "members of a southeast Denver mosque would like to move it to the Stapleton redevelopment area [a Denver, CO suburb] and build their homes there... Officials with the developer, Forest City, say it's the first such proposal they've heard from a religious group. Ibrahim Kazerooni, imam of the Islamic Center of Ahl Al-Beit... said his 150-member congregation is outgrowing its mosque because as many as 500 attend special events. Members might want to build a school, an Islamic center and a mosque, and that would be hard to do at the current site." The developers said they would allow "up to 15 acres per building of worship... The aim will be to cluster worship areas around one parking lot." The new development will also include a new "interfaith center to serve as a place of dialogue, education, interfaith meetings and maybe observance of religious holidays."