Religious Bias Against Sikhs Rising, Claims Group

September 17, 2009

Author: Khushwant Singh

Source: Times of India

The US-based leading Sikh advocacy group, Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF), has claimed that community's rights were being constantly curbed in that country and that the US could be fast going the France's way as far as framing laws for minorities was concerned. 

Over the last one year alone, SALDEF says it has confronted many attempts by US state governments to perpetuate or enact laws that impair or would have impaired the right of Sikh Americans to practise their religion. "Many of these laws bore a disturbing resemblance to French laws,'' which have seriously impinged on the lives of Sikhs and other religious minorities in that country, said SALDEF in an e-mail statement to TOI.