Religious Accommodation Becoming More Common in Workplace

June 4, 2005

Source: The Guardian,2763,1498767,00.html

On June 4, 2005 The Guardian reported, "In a Britain where workforces are increasingly diverse, the effective management of staff is an issue the government is keen to push. Safia Tharoo, the Muslim Council of Britain's legal officer, recently completed a DTI-funded project aimed at raising awareness of the employment equality regulations covering religion and belief, which became law in December 2003. The two big issues were prayer facilities, and time off for religious festivals, she says. 'These are the two main areas where people find that religion and work meet,' she says. 'If you are a Muslim, you are required to pray. Your afternoon prayers are required to be said between noon and sunset.' However, despite a general willingness among employers take the issue on board, implementing the regulations has not been easy, she says. It was in recognition of the lack of guidance on issues of belief for employers, that the little-known Employers' Forum on Belief, set up in 2003, continues to push the 'faith at work' agenda."