Religion's Role in John Allen Muhammad's Sniper Case

October 26, 2002

Source: FinalCall

On October 26, 2002 FinalCall reported on Louis Farrakhan's press conference on the sniper arrest. He said, "I know that I can speak for myself and the members of my family, and all the Muslim members of the Nation, and all Muslims and people of good will everywhere, that we are in sympathy with the victims of this horror. And we are in sympathy with the families of these victims. And we, like you, can only offer them condolences and our deepest sympathy on their loss. We have rules and regulations that govern our mosques, and to the best of our knowledge he was in compliance with those rules and those regulations, but only fell into disfavor with us over his domestic situation and the taking of the children and fleeing the state. So he was not in good standing with us until we could get him back and talk to him about his behavior where his wife and his children were concerned. But we never got that chance because we never saw him again. It is horrific for us to learn that someone who once was a part of our ranks may be involved in something as horrific as this."