Religions Conference Held In Airdrie

February 4, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Airdrie Echo

Airdrie hosted its third World Religions Conference last Thursday, bringing four very different religions together to speak to the community about each of their belief systems.

Mayor Linda Bruce was invited to speak at the event, just as she did last year, mentioning that these types of conferences are great learning opportunities for everyone.

“This is a great opportunity to do what we can at a local level to bring these communities together,” Bruce said. “This is a night for great learning.”

The topic of the evening was God, Reality or Fiction, and gave the approximately 150 people in attendance four different points of view.

Those four points of view came from Sikhism representative Rattan Singh Parmar, Islam representative Naseem Mahdi, Christian representative Pastor Ray Cobb and Judaism representative Russel Stagg. All four were given 20 minutes to speak before a question and answer period.