Religions with African Roots in America

August 15, 2003

Source: Dallas Morning News

On August 15, 2003 Dallas Morning News reported that "Voodoo, Santeria and other religions with African roots are drawing followers in the United States among immigrants and black Americans interested in their ancestry, their leaders say... But their practice can result in clashes with neighbors and police over rituals such as animal sacrifices and sacred drumming -- especially since they're mostly conducted at home, in residential neighborhoods... 'This is a country founded on freedom of religion,' said George Ware, an organizer with the National African Religion Congress. The group, formed five years ago, has members from a half-dozen religious groups and met last week in its home base in Philadelphia... 'They (mainstream religions) are all given room and space to function within this country, and we are asking for the same,' Mr. Ware said."