Is Religion Necessary for Leading a Good Life?

May 31, 2004

Source: The Kansas City Star

On May 31, 2004 The Kansas City Star published an interview with a Buddhist leader and a Baptist Pastor on whether or not religion is vital to leading a good life. Lama Chuck Stanford of the Rime Buddhist Center & Monastery, said: "We all know good people who are not religious. So I think it is obvious that involvement in religion is not the only prerequisite to being a good person. But does that mean religion is irrelevant? Of course not. Religions provide us with methods for cultivating virtues such as compassion and wisdom." The Rev. R.L. Baynham, pastor, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Kansas City, Kansas, said: "While it may be true for some in society to live the good life without religion, those of us who believe in the Christian religion recognize that we could not achieve good without this standard to guide us. The standard set helps us to establish meaningful co-existence with all mankind. Finally, the need to feel good about living is to do all we can to promote the general welfare of all mankind."