Religion, iPhone Mingle With Spiritual Apps

June 14, 2010

Author: Bob Smietana

Source: The Tennessean

Before the Rev. Roderick Belin gets ready to preach, he grabs his Bible and his iPhone.

He uses the mobile device to look up Bible verses and theology texts and to alert him if his sermon runs too long. If he forgets the words to a hymn, his phone can save the day. That's what happened on a recent Sunday.

"I was singing 'His Eye is on the Sparrow,' and I had the first verse but wasn't too sure about the second," said Belin, pastor of Kairos Community AME Church. A few taps later on the iPhone, and Belin kept singing without a hitch.

Mobile devices have become a boon to local believers as they've used apps — shorthand for applications, or programs that do specific tasks — to deepen their faith and spread their beliefs. From the Bible to Buddhism, there are dozens of spiritual and theological apps. Fans say apps help with spiritual development, but others say a digital device can't substitute for face-to-face spiritual teaching.