Religion 'Important for Future of Europe'

June 14, 2008

Author: George Conger

Source: Religious Intelligence

RELIGION will continue to play an important part as an agent for progressive social change in the “post-modern, model state,” the British Minister for Europe Jim Murphy told a Foreign Office seminar on ‘Faith in Europe’ last week.

“We need to acknowledge the communitarian vigour of religious life,” Jim Murphy, the member for East Renfrewshire, (Lab.) said on June 2 at Lancaster House, and “celebrate it, because community is another European value.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s interfaith advisor Canon Guy Wilkinson, Elaine Storkey of Tearfund, Yousif Al Khoei of the Al Khoei Foundation and Rabbi Aba Dunner, Executive Director Conference of European Rabbis joined Murphy in a seminar that focused on the “future interaction between European society and faith communities.” Last week’s meeting was the latest in the series of Foreign Office programmes designed to bolster popular support for the EU in Britain.