Religion Hurdle Stops TV Actor from Getting Flat

August 3, 2007

Author: Mayura Janwalkar

Source: DNA India

Amir Ali moves high court, saying he is being denied a house in Lokhandwala because he is a Muslim

Actor Aamir Ali may be a popular face on TV, but like many others finding a home in Mumbai has not been pleasurable for him — religiously speaking.

Alleging discrimination, Ali, in a PIL filed before the Bombay High Court, urged the court to direct the government and the Registrar of co-operative housing societies to desist from rejecting membership to an individual because he belongs to a particular community.

Ali in his petition said that in November, 2006 while he was looking for a flat in Lokhandwala complex in Andheri, he was impressed with a flat shown to him by his broker in Springfield Co-operative housing society. However, he was deeply aggrieved when his broker M Kukreja told him that the society would not allow him because he was a Muslim.