Religion Goes to Work with Interfaith and Immigrant Religions

January 9, 2005

Source: The Charlotte Observer

On January 9, 2005 The Charlotte Observer reported, "through a seminar series called Leaders Lighthouse, [Glenn] Love teaches companies to practice 'servant leadership' and to identify employees' individual talents... Love and legions of believers like him are marching their religious beliefs, and practices, into the marketplace in multiplying numbers. Increasingly, executives and workers nationwide are saying religion isn't just for Sundays. This faith-in-the-workplace movement stretches from the White House to Ford Motor Co. to Coke Consolidated in Charlotte. It can range from lunchtime Bible studies to company service projects to mission statements that honor God. Some see the movement as a way to improve values and morale on the job. Others see the office as fresh ground for recruiting souls. Some, however, worry about religion becoming too intrusive in the secular workplace."