Religion and Politics in Iowa and Tennessee

December 25, 2002

Source: The Commercial Appeal

On December 25, 2002 The Commercial Appeal reported that "Tennessee's Republican chairwoman has sent letters of apology to Buddhists  and Hindus for a party brochure intended as an attack on Democrat Phil Bredesen  during the fall election campaign. Republicans mailed a brochure to rural voters contending the curriculum that  Bredesen implemented as Nashville's mayor mandated the teaching of Buddhism and  Hinduism to second-graders. The one-page, fold-over brochure featured a picture of a cow on the front and  a quote: 'Teaches belief in many gods and ancestor worship. What's next - sacred  cows?' Cows are considered sacred to many Hindus. State Republican chairwoman Beth Harwell said she sent letters of apology to be printed in newsletters serving the Buddhist and Hindu communities."