Relief and Anger as Two Boston-area Imams Given Bail

November 27, 2006

Author: Jay Lindsay

Source: South Coast Today

Wire Service: AP

BOSTON -- The six days since two local imams were arrested have been restless ones for supporters and family, who've risen up to fight what they say is an injustice.

Hundreds signed petitions of support, college students fasted and prayed, children sent notes of comfort and interfaith groups wrote a federal judge on behalf the imams, who were arrested in connection with an alleged visa fraud scheme.

On Tuesday, the men were granted bail of $7,500 each, to the relief of tearful family members and friends of Muhammad Masood and Hafiz Abdul Hannan who crowded a federal courtroom. The men, both citizens of Pakistan, were released later yesterday.

Masood's daughter, Barerah Masood, said her father had done nothing wrong.

"They're trying to frame Muslims for nothing, mess up the name of Muslims, that's it," she said. Both men were arrested, along with Masood's son, Hassan Masood, on Nov. 15 while Masood's family was being interviewed to receive green cards at the John F. Kennedy Federal Building in Boston.