Region's First Sikh House of Worship Opens in Chesapeake

April 20, 2007


Source: The Virginian-Pilot

CHESAPEAKE - A woman dressed in a tunic and flowing pants slipped off her shoes after she entered a Sikh house of worship just off Great Bridge Boulevard.

She washed her hands, pulled up the scarf draped across her shoulder so it covered her hair and walked into the prayer room, where a reader sitting on a raised platform chanted scripture from the Sikh holy book. She bowed her head to the floor before sitting cross-legged on it.

Around the world, more than 20 million Sikhs are commemorating the anniversary of their faith in the same way. But those living in Hampton Roads had something more to celebrate - the opening of the region's first temple Friday.

"I think it's beautiful - like it's our house," said Baljet "Good" Dhillon, 50, of Chesapeake, who was among the volunteers preparing a communal meal, called the langar, served all day in Sikh temples.