Redding Mayor Marks 9/11 at "One Nation Under God" Event; Describes Shiite Muslims as "Wing Nuts"

September 8, 2006

Source: Record Searchlight,2232,REDD_17533_4977583,00.html

On September 8, 2006 the Record Searchlight reported, "Local elected officials and a pastor Thursday used a commemoration of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to wage spiritual warfare against those who would attack America.

In a ceremony on the Shasta County Courthouse steps titled 'One Nation Under God,' Redding Mayor Ken Murray said Christians and Muslim radicals are engaged in 'a war to the spiritual death of one of us.'

Murray said Shiite Muslims believe it's acceptable to lie, cheat, steal and kill as long as it ultimately glorifies Allah.

'Folks, they're not like us,' the mayor said. 'They're not like us at all, and for them, their war has been going on for 1,200 years.'

The Rev. Jim Wilson, whose ministry, PrayNorthstate, co-sponsored the event, characterized the conflict as 'a war about idolatry -- whether or not we are sold out to the living God or sold out to some substitute for him.'

Speakers said spiritual battles can be won through prayer. Wilson credited the prayer of north state residents for declines in traffic fatalities and cancer-related hospital admissions, as well as for the announced closure of the Family Planning Inc. of Shasta County reproductive health clinic in Redding.

The clinic is closing 'because the spiritual climate here is more life-giving than life-taking as it used to be,' Wilson said... The ceremony has been held each year to promote prayer as a way of alleviating fear and anger over the attacks. Last year's theme of love and hope included comments from Supervisor Linda Hartman, who noted that during Hurricane Katrina, 'People from all walks of life and all corners of the country are stepping up to help those in need.'

But this year, spiritual battles were a recurring focus. Benito praised those who fought back against the terrorists on one of the hijacked planes on Sept. 11, 2001, and said America is a nation of survivors through faith in God."