Rebel With a Cause

October 29, 2009

Author: Sarah Sweeney

Source: The Harvard Gazette

Chaplain Greg Epstein of the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy isn’t your typical clergy member. For one thing, he doesn’t believe in God. For another, he used to be a rock star.

Epstein was a college student studying Buddhism in China when he joined a band. After recording a few albums with his group Sugar Pill, Epstein decided to focus his energies on Humanism. “Personally and professionally, I just felt a lot of people turn to music as a substitute for religion, and for all the rock scene has to offer, it’s not quite that,” he said.

In his new book “Good Without God,” Epstein introduces readers to Humanism, a philosophy that rejects supernaturalism while focusing on community, and community-based actions and decisions that lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful existence. In light of an emergent nonreligious population, the book seems well-timed, stressing that believers and nonbelievers are more alike than not.