"Ramadan Fast-a-thon" in AZ

November 11, 2004

Source: Arizona Daily Wildcat


On November 11, 2004 Arizona Daily Wildcat reported, "more than 300 non-Muslim students gave up food and water yesterday, in an effort to raise money for the poor and gain insight into the Islamic religion. Organized by the Muslim Student Association, the Ramadan Fast-a-thon invited non-Muslim students to fast for 12 hours from sunrise to sunset yesterday. For each of students who participated, local business donated money to the Tucson Community Food Bank, said Miriam Hoda, student coordinator for MSA. The fast was broken last night after sunset, when students were served a free dinner, watched the Maghrib (sunset) Prayer and listened to guest speakers. Hoda said the purpose of the event, which raised $1,000 for Tucson Community Food Bank, was to let non-Muslim students experience fasting and gain empathy for the poor by realizing what the impoverished must go through every day."