Ramadan in America, 2002

November 6, 2002

Source: The Washington Post

On November 6, 2002 The Washington Post reported that "ever since [9/11], young Muslims who work for a government that is vigorously waging a war on terrorism -- acts often committed in the name of Islam -- have faced the unusual challenge of being in the middle of the battle. On the eve of Islam's holy month of Ramadan... five Washington area Muslims who work for the federal government discussed the impact of last year's terrorist attacks. They spoke of living amid two countervailing winds, one bringing acts of kindness and support from professional colleagues and neighbors, the other, bigoted attacks on Islam by some Christian leaders and media commentators. Several told of extra scrutiny at airports, even when flying on government business. None of them has become more circumspect about practicing his or her faith. On the contrary, they feel obliged to reach out to non-Muslims and educate people about Islam. They stressed that Muslims must be more vigilant against those who misrepresent Islam, and some said they are more careful with their charity dollars."