Ramadan 1999

December 6, 1999

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

On December 6, 1999, The San Francisco Chronicle published an article on how Muslims are trying to raise awareness of Islam and Ramadan. The Islamic Networks Group in San Jose, California gives more than 200 lectures each year to Bay Area schools and organizations. With an estimated 200,000 Muslims in the Bay Area, San Francisco Muslim organizations want City Hall to include Muslim holidays and Ramadan on the official city calendar in government offices. Souleiman Ghali, vice president of the Islamic Society of San Francisco, stated: 'We need to break stereotypes (about Islam)"...We need to tell people about Islam, especially during Ramadan." Ghali also stated: "All the things during Ramadan take effort and awareness...It's not just about stopping your intake of food. It's also about purifying yourself...It's very intense. It's a constant struggle day." The month of Ramadan is supposed to be a joyous time for Muslims, including daily meals with friends and family that are an integral part of the Ramadan celebration.