Ramadan 1999

December 11, 1999

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On December 11, 1999, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article on how Ramadan provides space for Muslims to reflect on their lives and perform charitable acts. In Milwaukee, more than 50 adults and children from the Islamic Center peacefully demonstrated on the second day of Ramadan and the 51st anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights to protest sanctions against Iraq. Most Milwaukee Muslims spend their Ramadan in gatherings of friends and relatives. Jamal Amro, who owns the only grocery store in Milwaukee that sells meat slaughtered according to Islamic law, closes down his store before sundown and appreciates the time for shared conversation with his wife and children that Ramadan allows. Jamal stated: 'You are busy all the time. Ramadan is a month that gives you time to review your actions."