Radical Sikhs Celebrate “Betrayal Day” in Punjab

January 26, 2005

Source: New Kerala/India News


On January 26, 2005 India News reported, "Sikh leaders having separatist ideology gathered at Amritsar's Gurudwara Shahid Ganj Amritsar to observe the Republic Day as 'Betrayal Day' on Wednesday. The radical leaders, including Harcharnjit Singh Dhami, working president of Dal Khalsa, Khalistan ideologue Jagjit Singh Chauhan, and hijacker of Indian Airlines plane in 1981 Satnam Singh Paunta Sahib, performed Ardass for the freedom of Sikh nation. Kawar Pal Singh of Dal Khalsa was among those who [were] present on the occasion. The leaders performed the Ardass for the freedom of the Sikh nation and unfurled the Khalsa Flag. The Sikh radial leaders chose the flag of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's regime, which symbolise[s] Sikh Raj [Rule]. They also took guard of honour and pledge to continue their struggle for a free Sikh nation. The Sikh leaders said that 55 years ago the then Indian leaders betrayed the Sikh nation and imposed the present constitution on [them], and [that] the Indian Constitution doesn't represent Sikh aspirations."