Rabbi Urges Tolerance and Pluralism in the Face of Anti-Semitism

September 27, 2003

Source: TCPalm.com


On September 27, 2003 TCPalm.com published an editorial by Rabbi Jonathan Kendall on the meaning of Rosh Hashana for the Jewish Community. In his discussion on the challenges of Judaism in a time of conflict, Kendall writes: "For the past two years there has been a tremendous increase in anti-Semitism. Much of it has been instigated and fueled by Islamic states and Arab hatred. As these Days of Repentance begin, what should the Jewish response be? In the short term, every effort must be made to debunk and counter these outrageous, antediluvian stereotypes and insults. But the long-term answer is to become champions of tolerance and pluralism... The best answer to prejudice is education and an unrelenting commitment to the truth."