Punjabis Warn of Teen Violence

March 9, 2007

Source: THE MISSISSAUGA NEWS/Torstar Network


A recent Mississauga rally attracted more than a thousand young people who are worried that Peel's Punjabi community is about to explode in gang violence.

The rally was held at the Dixie Gurdwara, the largest Sikh temple in North America, and the crowd that gathered there were students, many from rival groups.

Many were concerned that the stabbing death of a Punjabi youth five weeks ago, allegedly at the hands of another Punjabi teen, is signs that Mississauga will become home to "Vancouver-style" conflict.

Atinder Singh, 18, of Brampton was killed after attending a Jan. 28 house party in London.

Kulvir Grewal, 18, is charged with second-degree murder.