Punjabi Moves from the Gurdwara to the Public School

July 18, 2005

Source: Sikh Sangat


On July 18, 2005 the Sikh Sangat reported, "James Logan High School, where more than 4,000 students come from 73 countries and speak more than 60 languages, will become even more diverse this fall when it begins offering Punjabi language classes. For years, the high school has offered classes in French, Spanish, Tagalog, German and sign language. Now it will be adding Punjabi, spoken in northwestern India... With more Sikh children born and raised in the United States, some Sikhs are concerned that their children don't know how to read or write Punjabi, the language of their ancestors, said Sarabjit Cheema, a Logan parent who led the effort to offer the course... So far, 95 students have signed up for the program."

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