Punjab Mechanic Opens Museum to Glorify Moments of Sikh History

February 7, 2007

Author: Ashwini Kaushal

Source: Daily India


Mohali, Feb 7 (ANI): Right from his childhood, Parvinder Singh Sethi had a creative bent of mind. He utilized it to create innovative models that won him praise in his neighbourhood.

After constant hard work, this child prodigy became a master sculptor. As he did not have much interest in studies, he left school early, but became a scooter mechanic to earn his livelihood.

But this did not deter his love for art. Even now, whenever there is no repair work, he rushes back home to sculpt one statue or another.

Statue making is in his blood, and he never took any formal training to hone his skills as a master craftsman.

Surprisingly, he uses the same mechanic's tools with which he repairs two wheelers to infuse life into his statues.

His latest creation is a statue of Gurdas Maan, the legend of Punjabi folk music.