Public Nativity Questioned

July 23, 2000

Source: The Boston Globe

On July 23, 2000, The Boston Globe published an article about a debate in Lexington, Massachusetts, regarding the placement of a nativity scene on Lexington's Battle Green, a public place. Many gathered on the Green to ask the question aloud: "Should selectmen ban the nativity scene from the Green, its home for more than half a century?" The issue has "cast a cloud over the town common for more than a decade," and it remains controversial for the residents. One resident explained why he, like others, hoped the creche would be moved to a church or other private area, "The flag represents me. The creche does not, and it does not represent my religion." Others, however, believe the creche still belongs on the Battle Green at Christmas. One longtime resident who thinks the creche should remain on the Green commented, "It's the Birthplace of America, and our motto is 'In God we trust.'" Symbols of other religions should also be included, she added. Lexington selectmen will meet soon to decide on the issue.

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