Proud to Be Pagans

October 3, 2009

Author: Kelly Jasper

Source: The Augusta Chronicle

Theoretically, there are two types of witches.

"There are those of us who live in the broom closet and then there are those of us who" are more visible, said Joe Zuchowski, a Wiccan high priest.

A festival, he figures, just might help that.

In actuality, there are several varieties of pagans, a few of which will be represented at Augusta's first Pagan Pride Day, today at Lake Olmstead Park.

"We want to let people know there are pagans out there," said his wife, Jezibell Anat. She's a Wiccan high priestess and a coordinator of Pagan Pride Day.

The event includes music, dance, children's games and information sessions such as Ask the Wizard.

"We want to invite people in," Mrs. Anat said. "We want to explain what we are."

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