Protest Over School Dress Code Allowing Hijab Attracts the KKK

February 7, 2005

Source: The Courier Journal

On February 7, 2005 The Courier Journal reported, "a mother has pulled her son out of Bullitt Central High School after protesting what she believes is an unfair application of the school's dress code. Lisa Whiteside began protesting outside Bullitt Central last week after learning that two Muslim students who had enrolled after winter break had been allowed to wear a hijab, a traditional head scarf that covers the hair and neck. Whiteside said her son, a senior, was given in-school suspension for wearing a white button-down shirt... School officials and students said Whiteside's protests attracted the attention of the Ku Klux Klan. She was joined outside the school by other men and women, some of whom were clad in white robes and carried Confederate flags and white-supremacist regalia. Whiteside said she didn't organize any involvement with the KKK, adding that her concerns were being misconstrued by students and school officials as racially driven."

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