Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Sikh Arrested for Wearing a Kirpan

July 7, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: UNITED SIKHS Press Release

The prosecution dropped charges against 47 year old truck driver, Sachdev Singh, for wearing a kirpan (a blade that is carried by Sikhs as an article of faith), after meeting him with UNITED SIKHS attorney, Jaspreet Singh, at the State of Connecticut Superior Court earlier today.

Jaspreet Singh said, "UNITED SIKHS had telephoned and written to State Attorney David Cohen explaining the significance of the kirpan as an article of faith and detailing prior precedent in various courts that recognized a Sikh's right to carry the kirpan. The letter also said that Sachdev Singh should not be prosecuted because the blade he was carrying could not cause injury because its edge was dull."