Proposed Laws Would Recognize Non-Christian Faiths

November 24, 2003

Source: Neue Z�rcher Zeitung

On November 24, 2003 Neue Z�rcher Zeitung reported, "Voters in Zurich are set to decide on controversial new laws that would lead to the official recognition of non-Christian faiths, including Islam...One of the most controversial parts of the new legislation, which is due to be voted on in a referendum on November 30, is a move towards recognising faiths other than the three official religions in the canton. At the moment, canton Zurich only recognises the Protestant, Roman Catholic and the Old Catholic Churches. Under the proposals, other religions would be recognised as long as they fulfilled certain requirements. But the move is being strongly opposed by members of the canton Zurich branch of the rightwing Swiss People’s Party and the centre-right Radicals."