Proposal for Spiritual Approach to Disarmament to be Revealed at UN Peace Forum

June 13, 2006

Source: A Center for the World Religions Press Release

On June 13, 2006 A Center for the World Religions Press Release reported, "On June 22, 2006 in an all day [f]orum at the United Nations an international non-governmental organization, A Centre for the World Religions (ACWR), will convene 'A Spiritual Agenda for World Peace - for Disarmament and an Empowered United Nations.' Says ACWR CEO, Anke Kreutzer, 'As Mahatma Gandhi has proved only decades ago, even a single person can by peaceful means carry victory over a highly armed nation if his or her actions are directly guided by the Supreme Power through inversion or meditation.' ACWR is calling on the religious community to re-commit to a leading role in the struggle for disarmament because religion has played a crucial part in a great number of the violent conflicts and wars of the past sixty years. The forum will discuss how individuals and spiritually based organizations can approach disarmament by going back to their roots, wherein all the major religions teach non-violence, tolerance and love. ACWR invites attendance by all member U.N. states, U.N. staff, NGO’s and peace activists concerned with harnessing personal spiritual power to offset the threat of armed conflict to world peace."