Promoting Mutual Understanding

November 30, 2006

Source: Kuensel online

The Dharma Sanskriti Sangam (religion based cultures’ meet) in Varanasi, India, was a successful exercise in promoting harmony, peace and progress in the region and the world, according to delegates from 13 Asian countries.

A large number religious leaders of different religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Sanatan agreed that such a conference was essential to promote mutual understanding and togetherness amongst the Dharma based holistic cultures of the world.

“It is an opportunity for the religious communities to bring cooperation closer, develop understanding and share common concerns,” a member of the Thai delegation said.

The two-day meeting, which was held on November 25-26 adopted the five-point Sarnath-Varanasi declaration, which called to promote unity in diversity by establishing understanding through dialogues and deliberations. The meeting also noted that world is facing serious challenges from aggressive religious and secular forces causing intolerance, violence, lawlessness, and exploitation of nature and mankind.