Profile of a Sikh Cyber-Activist

May 4, 2004

Source: The Oakland Tribune,1413,82~1726~2126289,00.html

On May 4, 2004 The Oakland Tribune reported, " Vicky Singh was a high school student in Georgia when he met a man who changed his life. 'He was a very old person, a World War II veteran,' said Singh, now 21. 'He was happy to see me with a turban -- even though I didn't know him -- and he said he served with a group of Sikhs in World War II. He said, 'Your people are very brave.' I was surprised. I didn't know anything about my history or my culture's participation in the world wars.' That conversation sparked Singh's curiosity, and he grew from someone ignorant of Sikh history into an advocate for Sikhs wanting to serve in the American military. Singh is now a Sikh activist, creator of a Sikh military Web site and a computer science student at Ohlone College. Inspired by the conversation, Singh began researching, slowly collecting images, postcards and information about Sikhs in the military. He met other community members, like the veteran, who told him about their experiences.... The Web site,, is intended to educate people about the culture's history and help sway public opinion in favor of religious exceptions, he said. "

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