Profile of the Newly-Built Islamic Center of Bowling Green

June 15, 2005

Source: Bowling Green Daily News

On June 15, 2005 the Bowling Green Daily News ran a profile on the newly-built Islamic Center of Bowling Green describing the actual building as well as the makeup of the congregation. Dr. Nagy Morsi, chairman of the mosque, was interviewed regarding the congregation and the reactions of the surrounding community to the new mosque. "When Morsi came to Bowling Green in 1997, he worshipped with a group of people at Western Kentucky University who would meet regularly at the house of one of the participants. Eventually the small congregation rented space on Willoughby Lane, then moved to Old Morgantown Road, where they stayed for four years until the mosque opened earlier this year. The congregation of 250 is mostly Bosnian, Morsi said, but his native land is Egypt... Bowling Green has been good to the Islamic Center and its congregants, Morsi said. '(The people are) extremely tolerant – they have reacted in a superb way and they have been extremely supportive of me and the Muslim community,' he said."

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