Professor Examines Religion in the South

January 23, 2007


Source: The Appalachian

The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion awarded a $15,000 grant to an Appalachian State University professor to study how religion influences students in an academic setting.

“We want to think about how Christianity influences our classrooms,” philosophy and religion professor Dr. Sandra Gravett, who received the grant, said. “We want to help students see the influence.”

She and two other Appalachian professors will conduct the study, along with three professors from the University of Georgia and three from the University of Tennessee.

Gravett said some students in religion classes have had trouble understanding different religions, such as Buddhism, which has no god.

“Their touch point for what is religion is Christianity,” Gravett said.

She said there is also trouble when it comes to teaching the Bible because students already have an idea of what the Bible means. Often, these ideas are challenged by academics.