Prof. Diana Eck Warns Against Mixing Faith and Politics

June 19, 2004

Source: The Boston Globe

On June 19, 2004 The Boston Globe interviewed Professor Diana L. Eck concerning her views on the recent developments between faith and politics in light of the 2004 election. During the interview Eck was reported saying, "It's important for candidates and leaders to share their values, and at the same time to recognize that this is a country in which majority rule by religion has explicitly been excluded from our Constitution... That doesn't mean the issues shouldn't be debated. But when the institutional church reaches into the parishes with a strong suggestion that parishioners should get [lawmakers who supported gay marriage] out of office ... I think a line has been crossed... The big gamble of America, and it's one that worked, is that the free exercise and non-establishment of religion has been the key to effective religious life. We have been tinkering with that recipe in a major way, a way I fear could begin to undo the very promise of America as the place we might model what an energetic, multi-religious society is like."