Prince Charles' Planned Development Includes Mosque Provoking Protest

June 26, 2005

Source: Times Online,,2087-1669565,00.html

On June 26, 2005 the Times Online reported, "The Prince of Wales is facing a growing public revolt over plans to build a mosque as part of a new settlement he is planning in Cornwall. More than 100 local residents have formed an action group to prevent a consortium of developers led by the Duchy of Cornwall, the prince’s estate, from building the mosque on the southeast fringes of Newquay. They point out that there are virtually no Muslims in the area, with official government figures showing that only 33 people out of more than 22,000 are Muslims. The multi-million-pound development... would create a series of 'urban villages and hamlets' consisting of some 1,200 new homes. A range of community services including a 'holistic' health centre and masonic lodge are also planned as part of the project, which should be complete by 2016... But residents are upset about the mosque and have joined forces in a bid to stop it being built."