Prime Minister Urges Religious Scholars to Promote Interfaith Harmony

January 26, 2007

Source: The Associated Press of Pakistan

DAVOS Jan. 26 (APP) Prime Minister Shaukat here Friday urged religious scholars to play their due role in bridging the gap between various faiths as it is the need of the hour because of the growing religious divide.He was talking to Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf of Cordoba Initiative, who called on him here on the sidelines of annual meeting of World Economic Forum.

The Prime Minister said the commonality of different faiths should be promoted and the representatives of different faiths should play their due role in this regard.

Shaukat Aziz said projecting the commonalities and similarities of different faiths should be given top priority by the religious scholars.

He underlined Islam’s message of peace, tolerance, brotherhood, and mutual understanding among all faiths.

Prime Minister Aziz emphasized the need to address the root causes of terrorism and added that extremist behaviour should not be linked to typecasting of any faith.