Press Release: “Where is the Money for Katrina Relief? Interfaith Allliance Asks"

November 29, 2005

Source: Interfaith Alliance{C482BF14-4AB5-450F-81EA-3AAC311EED07}&notoc=1

On November 29, 2005 an Interfaith Alliance Press Release reported, "Today, The Interfaith Alliance Foundation hosted a Capitol Hill briefing in the Hart Senate Office Building with a panel of religious leaders and government officials from Louisiana. The panel presented a snapshot of what life was like in Baton Rouge on the 56th day after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region. Senate staffers, leaders of national organizations and members of the news media learned more about the growing and continuing need for money and resources in Baton Rouge and the entire Gulf Coast Region. In the days and weeks after Katrina, federal and state agencies were ineffective in relief efforts, but the faith-based community stepped up and did its part by showing compassion and giving aid... Just as Hurricane Katrina has already been swept off the front page of newspapers and media airwaves, the donations have stopped flowing to local organizations... 'Observing what is happening in the Gulf Coast region,' said [Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, president of The Interfaith Alliance], 'leads to the disturbing conclusion that the president and his administration are offering nothing but false hope to a community of Americans in need of support, compassion and free exercise of their faith and religious liberties.'"