President States, "Islam is Not an Enemy of the West"

July 11, 2005


On July 11, 2005 reported, "Austrian President Heinz Fischer has said that Islam is not an enemy of the West, warning of offensive reactions to Muslim minorities across Europe over the London blasts. 'Islam is not an enemy of the West, but the real enemies are a bunch of fanatics who should be isolated,' Fischer told Channel One’s Press Hour program on Sunday, July 10. He stressed that terror should not undermine democratic and exemplary Europe, adding that political means are the only way to deal with those hardliners. Fischer cautioned European governments against responding to terror by taking blind steps governed by hatred and anger... The Austrian leader reiterated opposition to restricting people’s freedoms and civil rights as a reaction to violence like the London bombings, which killed more than 50 people and injured up to 700 others on Thursday, July 7. No sooner had the London blasts taken place than racist attacks against mosques in Britain, the US and New Zealand were reported. London police said Sunday there had been a number of racially and religiously motivated hate crimes since the terror bombings, including one resulting in a serious injury."