Preserving One Culture, Adopting Another

November 18, 2006


Source: West Bend Daily News/Greater Milwaukee Today

An India native living in this city, Harpreet Kaur is a minority even in her homeland.

Kaur is a member of the 19 million strong Sikh faith, which represents just a sliver of India’s more than one billion residents.

Kaur came to America in 1994 when she moved to Sacramento, Calif. Within months she moved to Milwaukee.

"We moved to Milwaukee the same year to be near my cousins," she said.

After landing a job at Quad Graphics’ Hartford plant, Kaur and her husband moved to Hartford in 1996, where they currently live with their two children, Rajvir, 10, and 16-month-old Kamal. She is now a stay-at-home mom.