Prayer Flags Removed by City Officers

April 9, 2003

Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin,1413,203~21481~1314609,00.html

On April 9, 2003 the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reported that "city code enforcement officers forced a store owner to remove prayer flags with words of peace from in front of her business because they violated city code regulating business signs... The owners of Kindred Spirits... were forced to take down prayer flags that hung outside their store because in Claremont [CA], under the sign codes, businesses cannot have banners flying outside of their stores, according to Anthony Witt, community development director... Prayer flags are a Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and the multicolored fabric flags had prayers on them written by people who took part in the store's full-moon celebration March 19... Witt said city code does not differentiate between the multicolored plastic triangular flags and any other flags that can be strung up. The city notified Newland in a letter dated April 4 that the flags must come down."